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Ryan Killin

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Business Trip Advice for Corporate Travel

As a helper and travel problem solver for the past 13 years, I know a thing or two about coordinating business trips. I can tell you I was born and raised in Australia. I have lived in Canada, Great Britain and the United States. I’ve traveled from Cancun to Europe. But I am still intrigued and challenged by every new business trip I coordinate, and by every new entertainment travel client for whom I work. After all these years, I still love the travel business.

The easy part of coordinating corporate and entertainment travel is booking flights, accommodations and transportation, assuring that my clients get to their meetings on time and return home as soon as possible. But one thing that is sure to come up are what I call “hiccups.” Those are the little problems that inevitably arise anytime someone travels. Whether it’s a canceled flight because of a freak snow storm, or an unannounced strike or protest at your hotel, there are a few things that may tend to go awry. These are the times when you really need a seasoned travel agent to step in so that unforeseen circumstances do not jeopardize your plans.

Clients have called me many times, frustrated, with news of cancelations and delays. My connections at Protravel International, my 13 years of experience, and my contacts within the travel and hospitality industries really pay off at such times. I put them all into play to solve my client’s problems as quickly as possible. I once had a client whose car reservation in Milan, Italy, was booked with the wrong agency. Unfortunately, he didn’t hire me to arrange his business trip for him and he was forlorn and apologetic when he called me. He was on his way to attend a sold-out event, he said, and he really had to have ground transportation quickly – could I possibly help? I pulled out all the stops to help him on his way and I secured him the transportation he needed. This is what I call going the extra mile for my clients, past and present. And he has never forgotten it. In fact, he told me it was great to be working with me again.

A seasoned professional can give you travel information that a rookie just won’t know. Whether it’s a corporate discount, reduced group rates, the best times to fly and the worst times to fly, I and my fellow corporate travel specialists can give you insider knowledge that saves you money, frustration and time. 

I really live for this work. I look at it as a challenge to do the best job possible. Every business trip I plan and every group travel event I coordinate is personally rewarding and fulfilling for me. In short, when my clients are happy, I’m happy.
If you’re looking to get your whole team of 200 sales people to the winter games or to an incentives and awards banquet in Bora Bora, I accept the challenge. Planning a summer trip to South Africa to meet with five international partners for a business brunch? I accept the challenge. Looking to schedule an entertainment gig in Vancouver? Footing the bill to get all of your board of directors to the wedding of your vice president in the Caribbean? I accept the challenge. 

I have a deep body of expertise in Australia and Europe, based on my own travels and life experiences. It is with great pleasure that I offer that expertise to you and your business. Gain an insider’s perspective of the highlights of traveling in Australia. In my years there, I learned not just the patois but the local cuisine, history and culture of the people. I can give you tips on where to dine, unique places to stay and landmarks not to miss. I recently vacationed in Europe with my partner and I really enjoyed seeing all the places I’d roamed in my younger days through his older and wiser eyes. I’ve got exciting recommendations for both European and Australian travelers.

From leisure trips to business meetings, and from solo vacations to group adventures, I have contacts around the world that stand ready to assist with all your needs. Within our vast arsenal at ProTravel, we have lists of the best hotels, restaurants, ground transportation services, airlines and even shopping outlets, valets, hairdressers and tailors.

After 13 years in this industry, my database is overflowing with travel contacts and information, and it is constantly updated. I promise to use the full resources at my disposal through Protravel International, my personal expertise and my own network of contacts to make your business trip or group travel arrangements flow as seamlessly as humanly possible. Give me a call today and let’s get started, shall we?

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