Cathy Brooks-Oliver

Chicago, Illinois Travel Agent

Luxury Safari Memories

To hear a lion roar in the morning, the vapor coming their mouth and the sound reverberating for miles is something unforgettable—one of those iconic bucket list experiences. But traveling with a great guide—like those who lead Micato Safaris and Abercrombie & Kent (A&K) expeditions – you also learn some of the subtle secrets of Africa’s flora and fauna. For example, I learned on safari that acacia trees can make their leaves poisonous to animals to protect themselves from over-grazing. Even more amazing, trees can communicate the need for self-defense to the trees around them by sending scent messages. But the animals are smart too! Giraffes, kudos and other animals that eat their leaves have learned to graze their way downwind to trees that the scent warnings can’t reach. It’s amazing insights like this that make safaris so memorable.

Many people think of safaris as uncomfortable and rugged, but even tents can be elegant and luxurious at some of Africa’s indulgent safari hideaways. Among my favorites is Sir Richard Branson's Luxury Safari Camp Mahali Mzuri in Kenya’s Maasai Mara, where you stay in a luxurious tent with its own bathroom, fireplace and telescope and can enjoy a private picnic lunch and a dinner served by our personal butler.