Bonnie Sherman

San Diego, California Travel Agent

There’s Nothing Like a Cruise

My husband and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary on a cruise. It was our first of many cruises, and it opened a new world to us. I learned that I loved being at sea as well as visiting new ports of call.

We met our ship in Puerto Rico and sailed through the southern Caribbean, going as far as Venezuela. The Caribbean felt like a microcosm of Europe. In a week, we visited French, Dutch, and British islands, tasted exotic foods, met people from around the world, and experienced travel in a manner I had never done before.

This trip also gave us our first exposure to true poverty, and it made us realize how lucky we were and how difficult life can be. I remember driving by cardboard huts perched on steep hillsides outside Caracas. It was 1972, before the days of satellite and cable, and almost every home had a TV antenna. I found it mind-blowing that television was so important to people whose houses looked like they could be washed away by the next big downpour.

One of my most vivid memories was in Curacao, where its famous floating bridge opened in the center of time to let ships pass. It was an awesome feeling to sit in the lounge and marvel at its ingenuity. Since that first cruise, I have been on more than 120 cruises, and I am always eager for the next one. What I most love is that you can go almost anywhere, no matter how remote, and come back to find clean linens, clean water, and gourmet food, and not have to pack and unpack at each new place you visit.

I especially love the smaller lines like Seabourn, Regent Seven Seas, Ponant, Paul Gauguin and Tauck’s charters. These luxury lines all provide very personal service, great food and a sense of exclusivity and adventure. Their insightful lectures prepare you for each destination and enhance your experience with insider knowledge.

Many people think they can save money booking a cruise on their own. To the contrary, through Virtuoso and Protravel International, I have access to special deals and value-added amenities that can save you real money. More important, each line has its own special features and style and I can help you sort through the misleading pictures and loss-leader pricing to find the best deals and the right cruise vacation and itinerary for you.

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