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Debra Rubio

Sierra Madre, California Travel Agent

Seeing New Zealand and Beyond with Tauck

When my husband and I decided to take my mother-in-law on a trip to New Zealand, we decided to book a Tauck group tour. Tauck always pulls in fascinating experiences and make everything interesting, plus it is nice to socialize with other like-minded people whose ideas and observations add to the experience.  

Even on a long bus ride, the guides are teaching you and keeping you interested and in New Zealand, the landscapes change dramatically over relatively short distances, so there is always something amazing to see. Plus, they take care of everything, from luggage pickup to planning immersive experiences, and when your trip is done, they take you to the airport. 

We loved that Tauck arranged experiences that brought us into close contact with people from New Zealand’s different cultures. For example, we spent with a group of Maori people. They performed a ceremony with dancing and invited people from our group to dance with them, but we also had time to relax and talk with them and get a sense of their history and present lives. 

Tauck often arranges small group dinners at the homes of local people, and in Christ Church, my husband, mother-in-law and I enjoyed dinner and an evening at the home of a local couple and met their children. We also visited a farm where we learned to shear sheep.  

One of the most spectacular experiences was a thrilling helicopter trip to the top of Mount Cook. The sides and floor of the helicopter were glass and we could see all around as we hovered on the edge of a mountain and then went straight up the side. It was breathtaking! 

I have traveled with Tauck to destinations around the world and always been pleased. As a life-long learner with a master’s degree in education, I appreciate great guides and Tauck’s are among the best. They are consistently engaging and intelligent. One of my favorites gave us daily installments about the monarchy through the centuries as we were driving through the Scottish countryside and by the end of our two-week tour, we knew the complete history of the royals. She also introduced us to Scottish music and poetry. 

Often, Tauck arranges experiences not available to the general public such as visits to a special winery or a tour of the Vatican at night when Tauck guests were the only people there. That is why for those who like organized touring, I often suggest Tauck.