Delicious options for Gluten-Free travelers in Italy

By Katie DeFilipps, Protravel International Luxury Travel Agent

Italy is a food lover's paradise! Most wouldn't consider the country known for it's pasta to be friendly for gluten-free travelers, but thankfully that's not the case!

I have more than a decade of experience traveling gluten-free. I have Celiac disease, and for this reason, I understand my clients' concerns. I aim to help them recognize that gluten-free travel is very accessible - even in Italy! Food is culture, and I love helping my clients who have dietary restrictions navigate the world without having to miss out on incredible cuisine.

For my gluten-free clients, I always notify any airlines, hotels and restaurants of special meals, and ask how they can best accommodate my clients. I request sample menus so I can share with my clients and make suggestions before their trip. I also suggest bringing a 'restaurant card' in the local language that I can provide to assist.

And let's not forget - Italian gelato is always gluten-free!

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