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Andras Revesz

New York, New York Travel Agent

Corporate and Luxury Leisure Travel Agent

With more than two decades in the travel industry, I understand the nuances and special touches that can make your travels seamless and exceptional. I value the trust that my clients place in me and pride myself on arranging highly personalized experiences that reflect your individual interests and style. Plus, I ensure that you are treated as a VIP wherever you go.

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Travel Specialties

Corporate Travel, Meetings, and Retreats

As a corporate travel agent, my mission is to use my travel expertise to contribute to the growth and profitability of your business and maximize the comfort and effectiveness of your travelers. I am the point person and provide support for ... Read more from my Corporate Travel, Meetings, and Retreats bio.

Experienced Luxury and Active-Adventure VIP Travel

When I plan your travels, I try to learn as much as possible about your dreams, expectations, and interests so I can tailor every aspect of the trip to you and your companions. Many new clients ask me to book a ... Read more from my Experienced Luxury and Active-Adventure VIP Travel bio.

Europe: Hungary, Portugal and Beyond

I was born in Hungary, and my family traveled throughout Central and Western Europe, before my dad won a Green Card lottery and we moved to the United States. When they got older, my parents moved back, and now I return every ... Read more from my Europe: Hungary, Portugal and Beyond bio.

Travel Experiences

Peru: Past and Present

Peru is a very special place. The people were incredibly hospitable and drew me into their history, traditional crafts and way of life in a very personal way. It is amazing how much of the past is intertwined into present-day life. At the same time, it is a very comfortable place ...Read more from my Peru: Past and Present story.