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Europe: Hungary, Portugal and Beyond

I was born in Hungary, and my family traveled throughout Central and Western Europe, before my dad won a Green Card lottery and we moved to the United States. When they got older, my parents moved back, and now I return every summer with my children visit them every summer in Hungary.

Hungary is one of my favorite places to send clients. Budapest is rightly known for its beauty, but it also has great food, music, and museums. A great walking city, it is an amazing bargain for Americans. You can enjoy a gourmet dining experience for half the price of a New York restaurant with equal or better quality.

Hungary also has beautiful off the beaten path places to visit. For example, Lake Balaton is beautiful, and its Kali basin has delightful wineries and small villages with great restaurants. The region has become trendy and offers some wonderful small inns and a few five-star boutique hotels. One of my favorites is Kali Art Inn, which draws those in the know with its great cuisine.

Portugal is a more recent discovery for my family and me. For the past eight years, we have returned every year. We have cruised along the Duoro River through wine country, visited the Azores, Portugal’s islands in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, and spent time on Madeira, an island that feels lost in time. We also loved exploring Lisbon, picking up food in the local markets and picnicking along the river.  

I’ve traveled throughout Europe, and almost everywhere I go, I try to get on a bicycle and explore. Cycling lets you take in the countryside with all your sense and connect with local people. I’ve cycled through northern Portugal, Tuscany and the Dolomites in Italy, and the Provence region of France. I’m always delighted to help clients map out cycling routes on their trips.

I also often suggest cooking classes and having lunch or a tasting at small family-owned wineries to clients who want to connect with both the cuisine and the people of a region. Another great way to experience the essence of a place is to go to a local food market and shop for a picnic. You see what locals eat and how they buy, and it is always very colorful.  

Europe has wonderful, and often hidden, treasures, and a great guide unlocks their richest joys. Through my own experiences and my industry relationships, I can find a guide to match your interests and travel style.

As a Europe specialist, I love sharing my insider knowledge and tailoring trips to your interests. Plus, wherever you go, I will use my contacts and Protravel connections to make sure that you are treated like royalty!

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