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Carol Rochlin

Palm Desert, California Travel Agent

Custom Luxury Travel Agent

Would you like to go to an exotic destination and feel confident that you won’t run into major hassles? I have been a luxury travel agent for over 30 years and pride myself on being organized and detail oriented so that everything works according to plan. In addition, I work with people around the world who know me and are there for my clients.

Do you have a specific interest you’d like to explore in your travels? Thanks to my personal network and my affiliation with the country's top travel agency Protravel International and Virtuoso, I can suggest activities and specialist guides and offer exclusive VIP amenities around the world to match your passions. 

Would you like a travel agent who has your back and heads off potential problems before they materialize? That’s my job. I’ll make sure we build a cushion into your flight schedule if you have a cruise to catch. I’ll reroute you if there’s bad weather, and take care of any issues that may arise. Here’s an example; I had a couple on a flight to meet their cruise in Auckland and saw that their connecting flight was delayed until the next day. By the time they landed, they had a text from me telling them I’d confirmed them on the first flight out the next morning and arranged a hotel for that night. 

I love being a travel agent, but that wasn’t my first career. I started as a physical education teacher and gymnastics coach at Scarsdale High in New York and then moved to Beverly Hills High School. When Phys Ed became optional and I was laid off, I followed my other passion and became a travel agent. It’s been a happy transition because travel has been a way to pursue my many interests. I’m a master gardener, a docent at a zoo, and continue to remain involved in gymnastics as a judge—and all of these interests are things I expand on as I travel.

I enjoy delving into local foods, wines, and cultures as well as active adventures and wildlife viewing. I’ve developed expertise in multigenerational and family travel as well as romantic getaways and honeymoons. Whether you love river cruises, ocean cruises or unique customized itineraries to far-flung destinations, I am here to guide you and take care of all the logistics. 

Over the years I have ticked off my bucket list around the world, visiting some places multiple times. Among my favorites are Australia, Sweden, Singapore, Brazil, Portugal, Kenya, Spain, Peru, Indonesia, Denmark, Botswana, and Greece. My travels have been unforgettable, and I would love nothing more than to help you create travel memories of a lifetime.

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