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Carol Rochlin

Palm Desert, California Travel Agent

Luxury Travel Agent

A wildlife and horticultural enthusiast, I love planning off-the-beaten-path trips that help travelers discover indigenous wildlife, natural beauty, and welcoming cultures without giving up any creature comforts. Whether you like your vacations active and adventurous, or pampered and laid-back, I’d love to put my 30-plus years of experience to work as I plan the trip of your dreams.

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Travel Specialties

Wildlife Viewing in Africa and Beyond

As a former docent at the Los Angeles Zoo and now at The Living Desert & Gardens in Palm Desert, I bring my love of wildlife and adventures in nature to my travel planning. I am a certified specialist in South ... Read more from my Wildlife Viewing in Africa and Beyond bio.

Romance & Family Adventures in the South Pacific

Glorious beaches, tropical mountains, and welcoming cultures make the islands of French Polynesia and Fiji paradise for couples and families. Scuba divers will find vibrant coral reefs and marine life, while hikers can climb through verdant rainforests to inviting waterfall-fed pools. ... Read more from my Romance & Family Adventures in the South Pacific bio.

Custom Luxury Travel Agent

Would you like to go to an exotic destination and feel confident that you won’t run into major hassles? I have been a luxury travel agent for over 30 years and pride myself on being organized and detail oriented so that ... Read more from my Custom Luxury Travel Agent bio.

Travel Experiences

Loving Australia from Coast to Coast

As an active, adventurous traveler and a lover of wildlife, I’m always finding something new to love in Australia. I’ve been an Aussie (Australia) Specialist since the 1990s as well as Kiwi (New Zealand) specialist.

Like most visitors, my love affair with Australia started in Sydney. It’s got a bit of everything ...Read more from my Loving Australia from Coast to Coast story.