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Raschinna Findlay

Beverly Hills, California Travel Agent

Unforgettable Travel Adventure on Safari in Africa

To me, traveling is all about enriching life’s journey. It’s the reason why I’ve chosen this industry as my profession, and why I’ve devoted my energy and passion to it for nearly 30 years. Travel has played a huge part in shaping who I am and how I see the world, and I’m excited to help my clients create lasting memories on their adventures.

I was born on the island of St. Vincent and the Grenadines and raised in New York City; after graduating from college, I moved to Beverly Hills, CA, which has been my base ever since. I spent several years as a model, which enabled me to travel to a lot of really fascinating places and to experience the culture of those places in a very special way.

Since becoming a travel advisor, I’ve made a point of visiting several different destinations every year - not only to sharpen my knowledge of those places for the sake of my clients, but also because I derive a great deal of pleasure from travel and the enlightenment it brings. In the last few years alone, I’ve visited Chile, Argentina, Amsterdam, Paris, London, the Kingdom of Bhutan, Thailand, Cambodia, Tetiaroa Private Island and Bora Bora - not to mention places a bit closer to home, including San Diego and the lovely city of Lake Austin, TX.

Given the extent of my travels, it’s tough for me to choose a favorite vacation experience. But there is one trip that stands out: an African safari with an extended Hermanus beach adventure, which I enjoyed a few years ago. Seeing lions, rhinos and other majestic animals up close and personal in the wild was thrilling on a level that is hard to put into words.

Of course, on a nature-based adventure like a safari, it’s crucial to place your trust in the experts, and to follow their instructions. During our Africa visit, on a game drive through the bush, my travel companions and I found ourselves face to face with an elephant, who came charging up to our open-air vehicle. The tracker and our ranger were prepared and told us to keep absolutely still. The elephant stretched his long trunk right past our faces as we quietly whispered “Oh my God!”. After a few moments, he removed his trunk and went contentedly on his way. Afterwards, the ranger told us that the elephant had regarded our vehicle as another animal (albeit a non-threatening one), which is why being still was so important, as it prevented him from becoming unnecessarily alarmed.

Later on that same African safari, the ranger gathered us in a vehicle after dinner and drove us to a location in the bush about half an hour away. We rode in silence, soaking up the atmosphere. We then got out of the vehicle and sat around a cozy campfire. The ranger told us to look up - and we were treated to the most spectacular sight! The most beautiful stars in the constellation twinkled down at us; it was truly breathtaking.

Another memorable moment on the trip involved visiting one of the local schools. The children, finding they had visitors, greeted us with a song. It was so touching.

We capped off our Africa adventure with a visit to Hermanus, which is located right on the ocean. One day, as I relaxed on the terrace overlooking the water, I was amazed to see the local high school swim team practicing in the open ocean close to shore. Not more than 20 feet away, a pod of whales was frolicking! I must have spent at least half an hour gazing at the scene, absolutely mesmerized.

Needless to say, I’m always delighted when my clients express an interest in going on an African safari. It brings me so much joy to be able to organize a trip for them that is as meaningful as mine was for me.

Of course, there are plenty of other wonderful destinations worth visiting and activities worth experiencing. If a safari doesn’t appeal to you, how about a “Surfari”? Chartered vacations on the uber-cool Four Seasons Explorer in the Maldives are a particular favorite among my clients looking to catch some waves. Then again, if your idea of the ideal trip involves relaxing and being pampered, I can help you create the perfect spa retreat. Bring me your travel dreams, and I will turn them into reality!