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Vikram Seshadri

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Virgin Upper Class Flight Review

Having recently experienced the Virgin Atlantic Upper-Class flight from London to San Francisco, I can heartily recommend it. The travel information that follows, as most that I offer, comes from my personal, first-hand experience. But as a luxury travel advisor with Protravel International, I am also privy to a wealth of additional travel information and insider connections from hundreds of other agents that I happily share with all my clients.

In reference to my Virgin Atlantic flight review, my luxury travel experience began with a limousine ride from my hotel to Virgin’s dedicated Upper-Class Departures Wing at London Heathrow Airport. At the airport, I was greeted by smiling Virgin staff, who proceeded to help me check-in via Virgin’s Private Security Channel. I then breezed past security and reached the Virgin Award-winning Upper-Class Lounge (which they refer to as a Clubhouse) within minutes. Here, I encountered more of a luxury hotel ambiance than a typical lounge, with tableside dining service, cocktails, champagne, and a 15-minute neck and shoulder massage in their stylish spa. As a seasoned luxury travel advisor, I must admit I am not easily impressed. But this flight was earning gold stars before I ever boarded the plane. I furiously wrote notes in my journal that I keep for important travel information in my global wanderings.

A quick summary of the overall experience would be: attentive yet relaxed service, on-demand dining and an in-flight bar where you can mingle with the other Upper-Class passengers. Virgin’s new 787 Dreamliner planes feature larger windows with tint features, quieter interiors and a better onboard experience with cleaner air features. You’ll encounter signature mood lighting and comfortable leather Business-Class seats that offer direct aisle access, and which flip easily into one of the longest flat beds available in-flight. Each seat offers laptop storage, its own power, and a spacious table. From 331 days before your flight, Virgin allows you to select your preferred seat when you fly Upper Class. From start to finish, the service was refined, yet casual and friendly. My requests were met with a smile, and were fulfilled quickly. My drinks were refilled and restaurant-quality meals were delivered to me on-demand; water was brought to me throughout the flight. In short, all of my needs were met with service that exceeded expectations. I truly enjoyed the extra luxury features of this Upper-Class flight.

For most of the more than 10-hour flight, I made ample use of the top-tier entertainment system to watch movies and British TV shows. Of course, I could have whiled away the hours listening to great music and playing contemporary video games had I so chosen. You may also use handheld devices with a flight-safe mode on Virgin flights. In-flight Wi-Fi allows you to access the Internet at 10,000 feet and above. I occasionally ventured out to the stocked bar area for a break and to chat with the other passengers. Because of the superior service, the bar, the great food and the non-stop entertainment, I was taken aback somewhat when the pilot announced we were about to land – I had no idea that over 10 hours had passed. As we disembarked, I found my luggage on the conveyer belt within 15 minutes and I was soon on my way home. In this instance, I can honestly say that Virgin Atlantic lived up to its marketing.

This is but one of many travel stories I would love to share with you. As a luxury travel advisor, I make it a point to search out everything new that comes on the luxury travel market so I can keep my clients up-to-date on the latest information. Similarly, I use every resource at my disposal through Protravel International to create the most unique lifestyle experiences that I know will intrigue my clients and satisfy their needs. Give me a call and let’s get started planning your next great vacation, business trip or luxury getaway. I can guarantee you that the travel information provided by Protravel International (regarded as one of the world’s foremost travel agencies) will be cutting-edge and will only enhance your overall travel experience.

Whether it’s a jaunt to Indonesia, an Oktoberfest experience in Germany, a luxe retreat to the Bavarian Alps or a culinary tour in Thailand – I have a database full of great information for your luxury travel getaway. Give me a call, hire me as your luxury travel advisor, and let’s get started right away. The world is your oyster and I’m here to help you explore it safely, luxuriously, stylishly and comfortably, as well as to help you enjoy your lifestyle experiences to the fullest.