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My Visit to the Galapagos Islands

My Visit to the Galapagos Islands – A Destination Travel Adventure

Come visit the Galapagos Islands, where the penguins welcome you at the equator and the diversity of this breathtakingly beautiful place fills you with awe. Discover a wealth of animal life and captivating landscapes, multi-colored beaches and rich, vibrant culture. I can’t express all the wonders of this unique and diverse place; it’s something you must see and experience for yourself, an interwoven tapestry of nature’s finest handiwork. On my last five-day trip, we explored beaches that were painted by nature in hues of yellow, red, black and white sand. We laughed at the adventures of a group of lively fur seals. We marveled at marine iguanas, frigate birds and giant tortoises. We thrilled to the rare sight of the Nazca Booby Bird and enjoyed playful encounters with many other forms of wildlife, by land and by water. This eco-tourism and destination travel adventure will get your heart pumping, exhilarate your senses, and decorate your memories with some of the most beautiful natural scenery on earth. Each of the Galapagos Islands is a treasure in itself, and all are different and unique.

All journeys must begin somewhere and this one begins in Quito, Ecuador. Here, we explored the equator (an experience of a lifetime in itself) and we toured the city of Quito. Quito is the capital city of Ecuador. It’s set at an elevation of 2,850 meters above sea level and its historic center is one of the best preserved in the Americas. Our destination travel adventure also included many hands-on activities, including equator science experiments. You’ll find that your balance may be a bit off at such a high elevation. Even still, my fiancé, Mark, managed to balance an egg on the head of a nail. We saw water run straight down a drain without swirling. Here, you earn bragging rights for having had half your body in the northern hemisphere and half in the southern hemisphere at the same time!

In Quito, Ecuador, we learned the history and culture of this historic city as we met and talked with Ecuadorians and discovered they are a hardy, colorful and hardworking people. Their friendliness will surprise and delight you. Eager to sample the local cuisine, our group dined the first night on ceviche, pisco sours (cocktails) and cuy (pronounced kew-y), otherwise known as guinea pig. Once I overcame my aversion to eating a guinea pig, I decided I liked the roasted version best. Cuy is a traditional Peruvian dish that dates back to the colonial era. Next, we embarked on a five-day/four-night Metropolitan Touring cruise in the Galapagos Islands. As pioneers of this cruise and eco-conscious guardians of the islands, Metropolitan Touring was our preferred choice. We hiked. We kayaked. We took glass-bottom boat rides. We snorkeled and took panga (dingy) rides. We marveled at the sea lions diving, splashing and playfully interacting with us as if we were one with them. After 25 years of snorkeling and scuba diving around the globe, I can honestly say that nothing compares to diving in the Galapagos Islands. On this trip, you’ll encounter stingrays, sea turtles, eels and so many more of the ocean’s fascinating creatures.

Every day, we explored different local cuisine that delighted our palates and enhanced our overall experience. We walked the beaches, picked up shells, explored every nook and cranny of our island paradise. We lived and laughed, played and sighed in satisfaction with the many new encounters and outdoor activities we enjoyed. Each night, we gathered around in camaraderie and listened as naturalists gave lectures for the next day’s planned events. At one of these information sessions, we learned that the Galapagos Islands offer 15 must-see animals that are unique and rare. 

If you desire, you may simply relax on this destination travel adventure, even though I recommend every outdoor activity that’s offered. I can tell you that my fiance and I thoroughly loved every minute. It’s why I want to go back and take my whole family. It’s why I enthusiastically recommend this great adventure to all of my friends and travel clients. An insider tip I will share with you is that most sailings book up to a year in advance, so you must plan ahead to visit the Galapagos Islands and enjoy the sights and activities I’ve mentioned. I can help you plan this great destination travel vacation and give you even more insider tips. As an agent with Protravel International, a world-renowned agency delivering personalized services for over 30 years, I and my colleagues are backed by powerful industry relationships and a comprehensive database of resources. Contact me today and let’s get started on planning your visit to one of the most unique and diverse destinations on the planet.

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