Ami Klykken

Ada, Michigan Travel Agent

Luxury in Los Cabos

For rest and relaxation, my latest favorite spot is Esperanza, an Auberge Resort in Los Cabos, Mexico. My husband and I went there last year in early December and our stay was filled with please surprises. To start with, the resort is incredibly beautiful. It is built on a cliff overlooking a beautiful cove beach. In the evening, its palm-tree-lined paths twinkle with little lights. If you saw the 2007 move The Heartbreak Kid, you may recognize Esperanza in some of the scenes. It is no wonder that this coast attracts a lot of movie stars. 

Esperanza makes you feel special from the moment you arrive in Los Cabos. Their car meets you at the airport. There is no check-in desk at the hotel, so you are welcomed and escorted straight to your suite or casita.  

As the door opened to our casita, we knew we were going to be happy. It was stunning and spacious, with awesome ocean views, and we were greeted by a small Christmas tree with a welcome note. We barely had time to take it in when the front desk called and said they hoped we were comfortable and that they understood we had come a long way and could they send massage therapists to help us relax. Two minutes later, there was a knock on the door and two massage therapists walked in, set up their massage chairs on the veranda, and treated us to expert massages as we took in the splendid scenery. 

Soon after they left, there was another knock at the door. In came a waiter with a beautiful complimentary presentation of guacamole chips and salsa, and margaritas that he made in special shakers. A gift bottle of wine came next. It was a wonderful start to our stay. 

The caring service and surprises never stopped. In the evening, as we dined outside enjoying the ocean views, they provided blankets when it got chilly, and every night, we anticipated what new treat would await us in the room when we returned from dinner.  

Sitting by the pool gave the hotel another opportunity to delight us. Waiters brought complimentary fruit skewers and spray misted our face, and massage therapists periodically came by to provide complimentary foot massages.  

There are also cool experiences in the area. One resort is more stunning than the next and all have great dining options. Among others, I checked out One&Only Palmilla, where I also book a lot of celebrities. John Travolta was there celebrating his birthday. We couldn’t get into his private party area, but it was fun to see movie stars strolling around as we walked through the hotel.  

Los Cabos also has opportunities to swim with whale sharks, horseback ride along the beach, play great golf and go deep-sea fishing. And in the season when humpback and gray whales come to Sea of Cortez to mate and give birth, you can join on a whale-watching photo safari with marine biologists. But the memory that my husband and I most treasure were the evenings shared on the hammock of our balcony looking out at the sea. It was so peaceful and beautiful.  

As we headed off to the airport, Esperanza had one last surprise for us; they handed us lovely soft-sided lunch boxes with their logo that were filled with food for the flight. Now every time we use them, we remember our stay.  

If you would like to plan a dream escape to Los Cabos, please contact me.