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Sharon Balfour

San Diego, California Travel Agent

Silversea Cruise Around the World

I have been selling Silversea Expedition ship journeys and have always wanted to experience an around the world trip myself, so recently, my husband and I set out on a four-month cruise.

He’s retired, while I’m able to work from anywhere, and we both love cruising - so we decided to go for it. The 140-day voyage included ports on all seven continents - a total of 62 ports of call in 32 different countries! 

We chose Silversea because it is a small enough ship that it can visit out-of-the-way ports that many larger ships can’t. Plus, you feel more special when you’re part of a smaller group. There were only 140 passengers on our cruise, and the itinerary included many unusual soft adventures and enrichment activities.

For example, a team of nine qualified specialists, including marine biologists, a geologist, a naturalist, an ornithologist and a glaciologist led us on a three-day Antarctic experience where we saw and learned about penguins, seals, whales and other wildlife. 

Among the other memorable experiences were a tango evening in Buenos Aires, a concert by the Perth Symphony Orchestra in the Quarry Amphitheatre (where we looked out at Perth skyline as we sipped champagne and supped from a gourmet picnic hamper), and visits to exotic South Pacific Islands. There we were invited to watch authentic local rituals such as a breathtaking “land-diving” rite to celebrate the yam harvest on Pentecost Island. 

One of my favorite parts of the trip was when I was able to arrange for some of my best friends and clients to come join us for 30 day segments. It was exciting to get together and share exotic experiences — and my husband and I felt lucky to be able to be on board for the full four months. We plan to do it again!