Renee Pinsky

Encino, California Travel Agent

Stepping Back in Time in Egypt

Cairo is a bustling, sophisticated city, and you could easily spend a full day at the Cairo Museum looking at the artifacts that provided a glimpse into the way people in Egypt lived thousands of years ago. I was fascinated to see how they dressed, their jewelry, the utensils they used, and the armor they wore into battle thousands of years ago.  

Even more thrilling was cruising the Nile, where we saw communities of nomads living in tents, with their camels parked together like cars in a car park. I felt as though we were actually witnessing life as people lived it ages ago.  

The most amazing sight came in the morning. We had just gotten up and were sipping our morning coffee on deck just as the pyramids came into view. They seemed to rise out of the landscape from nowhere. That was a moment I will never forget. It was surreal to see something that we had heard and read so much and realize that we were actually there.  

I have a picture of myself next to one of the pyramids. I am five foot three and was dwarfed by this towering monument. It brought home the enormity of what these ancient people accomplished so long ago and was quite overwhelming. The pyramids are set back from the river.  

As we stood there, our guide painted a picture of how they used hand-cranked mechanical pulleys and human assembly lines to move the huge stones from the river and from one area to the next to create these impressive buildings. It changed my perspective on modern life to think that so many years ago, people were able to work together to accomplish such amazing things with such precision and craftsmanship.  

For history buffs, Egypt is a bucket list destination and an experience you will never forget. I have sent many clients to Egypt since my trip.  

There are many ways to experience the wonders of Egypt. I can arrange a private tour of Cairo that includes a guided visit to the Cairo museum by a historian or a pre-opening visit to see the highlights of the collection before the public is allowed in.  

In addition to Luxor, the Valley of the Kings, Abu Simbel and other ancient sites, you can visit the Mediterranean port city of Alexandria. And of course, not to be missed is a Nile cruise. You can sail on an organized river cruise or I can organize a private boat charter, complete with captain, chef, and guide.  

However you chose to visit, you won’t be disappointed.