Cheryl Paddock

Encino, California Travel Agent

A World of Experience

I have a passion for travel and for working with people from all over the world, so it is hard to pick just one trip and call it my favorite. River cruises are a fantastic way to travel, because they let you explore the world in luxury, with no packing and unpacking, and you have the chance to explore so many places on one trip. But I also love traveling on ocean cruises, by train and on all kinds of organized and individual trips. And in terms of destinations, I love Africa, Vietnam, Turkey…and in truth, everywhere I have ever traveled!

For me, one of the best parts of traveling is being able to share my knowledge with clients, friends and fellow travel agents. I also have 40 years worth of personal contacts all over the travel industry who are always eager to help create wonderful trips. Name a place, and I can provide tips about where to go, what to do and how to best experience it, and off-the-beaten-track adventures that match your interests. Whether you want to stay at a local hotel, travel the world in luxury, find a relaxing hideaway, or figure out the best place for a celebratory dinner, I love to share my experience and expertise.