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A Tour Through Asia

Breathtaking Spiritual Vibes During an Asian Tour – Breathing in the Fusion of Cultural History with the Modern World 

I love spending time in Asia because it is continually changing and evolving. The fusion of cultural history and modern innovations coupled with friendly people always makes me feel welcomed. From new, tall buildings to breathtaking scenery, the bustling environment of Hong Kong enticed me to reside there for ten years. It was like being in Nirvana, taking an Asian tour that lasted for over a decade! 

And anyone who knows me has discovered I enjoy traveling to Asia and would go on a moment's notice. While it was much easier to get there when I lived in California, I still can't resist the allure of an Asian tour. When I reflect on my happiest moments in Asia, I get overcome by the peacefully spiritual vibe that exudes from the native people. 

I recall going to Tibet was absolutely unbelievable. Everyone was dressed in traditional garb with 90 percent of the people donning robes, shirts, aprons, and wrap dresses. Despite their differences, we felt completely at ease among the Tibetans. Everyone was so kind as we toured one of the magnificent temples and soaked up the wonders of thousands of years of history. 

The experience was incredibly spiritual, and we got lost in the moment. We soon realized we were running late and went out a side entrance to look for a taxi. A fine gentleman clad in traditional garb walked with us for five blocks to help us find a cab. Sensing my distress, he handed me his worry beads and refused to take money from me. 

However, to my surprise, the gentleman did take money from my male companion and said it was alms. The Tibetan gentleman proceeded to hand out the money to people as we were walking. It was an incredible experience to see the generosity and kindness of this amazing gentlemen. 

Tibet is genuinely breathtaking, situated in a high-altitude location where you need to have portable oxygen to take with you during your journeys. The hotel had an oxygen room that reminded me of the importance of the very essence of life. And breathing in the subtle nuances of Tibet and its soft-spoken people keeps me coming back for more. 

I inhaled another peacefully spiritual Asian experience in Hangzhou, the capital of the Zhejiang Province in East China. Located at the head of the Hangzhou Bay, the city is known for West Lake, a freshwater lake surrounded by temples, gardens, and pagodas. We were dropped off in an area where we got into small boats like sampans but a little less fancy. 

Four people were in each little boat. A man in the back of the non-mechanical boat steered it, much like the gondolas in Venice. Two ladies in traditional Chinese garb sat in another boat, playing instruments and singing as we glided along West Lake. As we listened to these timeless sounds and soaked up the beautiful scenery, we realized how the mood of this location influenced famous artists and writers throughout Chinese history. 

West Lake is right outside a city teeming with hundreds of thousands of people yet everything there is so calm and mellow. Experiencing West Lake is like the relaxed feeling of drinking tea with sediment. The sounds of silence infused with music and surrounded by gardens make you feel like you're a million miles away from the city. 

When China first opened, Beijing and Shanghai were the destinations everyone wanted to visit. Now I try to put Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Myanmar into the itineraries I plan for enlightened travelers. I adjust travel adventures based on who the travelers are, what they have done, and the family dynamics involved. 

My goal is to get every traveler to fall in love with Asian tourism as much as I have. By planning culturally immersive experiences in the most delightful destinations in Asia, travelers discover the overwhelming spiritual and peaceful vibes. This intensity and interaction of cultural history with the modern world keeps travelers coming back to see the same changes I continue to embrace. Let me share the spiritual vibe of the Eastern world with you!

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