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Raschinna Findlay

Beverly Hills, California Travel Agent

Top Villas & Luxury Yacht Charters

Yacht charters offer a one-of-a-kind opportunity for clients to enjoy a luxury holiday on their own schedule. There are many different factors that determine the perfect yachting experience: the destination, the type of yacht, accommodations aboard the boat and weather - not to mention the crew. Clients in search of a luxury yacht vacation can take advantage of Raschinna’s incredible knowledge and connections to book the experience that is right for them - from surfing holidays in the Maldives to cruising the emerald waters of the Greek Islands.

For those who prefer land-based vacations, Raschinna provides keen insight on the top villa rentals in a given area. Villas provide the ideal combination of luxury and convenience, as they offer home-like comforts that are often less accessible to those staying in hotels (kitchens, laundry facilities and so on). The choices are limitless - and Raschinna is committed to delivering the “perfect match” for her discerning clients.

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