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Raschinna Findlay

Beverly Hills, California Travel Agent

Luxury Vacations in Africa and Worldwide

My vast expertise in the tourism industry is matched only by my passion and enthusiasm for creating experiences that transcends the ordinary.

I have been a Luxury Travel Designer for over 30 years and have extensive knowledge in planning incredible and memorable vacations. Each trip should be as unique and authentic as the person(s) experiencing it. Therefore, I spends time getting to know my clients, understanding their needs, and then crafting a holiday that complements their desires.

I enjoy organizing individual couples to romantic/honeymoon destinations, as well as families or  or group journeys  such as villa rental, yacht cruises, Safari's as well as wellness retreats.

Recently I had the pleasure of assisting my valued clients with a fabulous destination wedding in Morocco for a party of 65 guests. It was incredible from choosing the Premium Resort for the 4 day extravaganza, to coordinating with the hotel the rehearsal Dinner and the wedding celebration and dinner.  

I have sat on several advisory boards, an I am a board of trustee member for the the “I Have a Dream” Foundation Los Angeles chapter. 

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