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Raschinna Findlay

Beverly Hills, California Travel Agent

Luxury Adventure Travel - Chile

Adventure and Luxury in Chile and Other Exciting Destinations

Raschinna firmly believes that travel unlocks the door to amazing cultures, enchanting destinations and inspiring experiences. She is eager to offer her clients the chance to embark on an adventure - whether that involves a luxury city escape or an exhilarating nature-based experience.

Raschinna draws upon her first-hand knowledge of the destinations she chooses; in addition to boasting extensive travel experience from her years as a model, she makes a point of visiting several different cities and countries throughout the world every year, in order to enhance her understanding and learn new things. She can then pass that knowledge on to her clients when crafting a travel experience for them. Her recent trips include Chile and Argentina, as well as Japan, China and several cities in the United States.

There is adventure around every corner, and Raschinna is ready to help her clients enjoy it!

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