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Ryan Killin

Beverly Hills, California Travel Agent

Luxury Travel and Group Travel Specialist

Discover the ease of luxury and group travel with Ryan Killin as your agent. Add a polished itinerary for your corporate team, gain insider know-how for your next Cancun vacation, and enjoy worry-free entertainment travel. Ryan has experience and in-depth knowledge in coordinating events as diverse as making travel arrangements for a group of 150 people from Vancouver to New York to attend a marathon, and helping implement group passage to a large corporate program in Cabo.

Says Ryan, “Every travel event presents new and different challenges, but they’re always exciting!” He deftly coordinates all the details so his clients can enjoy themselves both as they’re traveling and when they arrive at their destinations. Group travel presents special challenges, he said, since there are so many people to accommodate and each individual has different needs and desires. That’s why many travel agents refuse to specialize in this niche; it’s a lot of extra work. The ultimate goal is to satisfy all of your clients, while taking into account the ideal modes of travel, budgetary restrictions, and a myriad of other important details. Ryan says he loves putting all the pieces together, like a gigantic puzzle, to create a perfect luxury vacation or group travel experience. It keeps his mind sharp and that’s the way he likes it. Put him to work for your group today and expect superior results. Ryan’s many years of experience in coordinating entertainment travel will give you the edge in all your global wanderings.

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