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Ryan Killin

Beverly Hills, California Travel Agent

Global Business and World Travel

“It’s the small things that make the difference,” says Ryan Killin, an expert in world travel with Protravel International. “Global business travel may not sound exciting to some, but I look at it as a chance for new experiences.” Ryan excels in not just getting his clients seamlessly from point A to point B, but also in getting them the best hotel deals and amenities, securing upgrades, negotiating frequent flyer discounts, and more. Ryan’s first specialty is in corporate travel, and he brings more than 13 years of experience to the table. He really enjoys going the extra mile for his clients. Whether they’re taking a business trip to New York, closing a real estate deal in Cancun, or playing on the strip in Las Vegas, Ryan is always on point with insider knowledge of where to stay, how best to get there and great things to do during your downtime.

Like most travel specialists, Ryan keeps an updated file of all his industry contacts, and he networks frequently with his trusted sources and vendors. Global business travel is rapidly evolving; it takes skill and dedication to keep up with all the changes happening in the world today. Even tips as to current world events are in his portfolio. For instance, you wouldn’t want to travel into a war zone unknowingly, or end up on the wrong side of town. You can trust his resourcefulness to enhance and streamline all your domestic and world travel plans. Contact him today for all your domestic or global business travel needs.

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