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Helen E Land

San Francisco, California Travel Agent

Senior International Leisure

I came to the travel profession in what I feel was a natural progression. My university studies were in history/international relations.  A moment of happenstance and I was launched in the travel profession. 

What is of value:  a lifework in travel.. sharing my passion for culture, art, social diversity and life lived on all seven continents.  Taking a new request, listening to what is important and melding those into a meaningful client journey.  This allows my travelers to enjoy, learn, find new experiences along the way.

My own explorations (over 125 countries by now) mean I can counsel, advise and create a meaningful journey.  I have a lifelong respect and joy for the people of various places and cultures.  The only way for us to understand this broad range of ways of living is to visit, to listen, to learn and to absorb along the way.

The Earth provides us a gift if we can explore her variety of places. The privilege of viewing the spectacular beauty of Antarctica, learning a craft from a local artisan in a country destination, finding a quiet spot in a bustling city, dining out experiencing superb local or international cuisine, having an outdoor adventure beyond the norm... all these are part and parcel of the discoveries our world can offer. 

Planning your next trip:  with good humor I always say: "It is a shared journey we embark on when planning; you just get to be the ones to actually take it."  We laugh together and the trip, once taken, is a fulfillment of a dream. How wonderful is that!!

A Planner Who Respects Client Wishes

Deep In the Sahara Desert   Libya 2004
Deep In the Sahara Desert Libya 2004

A short moment to say ...  whenever you come to me, I am there to make sure that what is most important to you in creating a trip is respected and heard.  My expeience and range of travel is there to enhance, deepen and broaden the ideas and create something special for you.

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