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Steve Spurgeon

London, UK Travel Agent

VIP Corporate and Leisure Travel Advisor

Steve Spurgeon – Director, Platinum Suite Travel Concierge


Bespoke corporate and leisure travel  


I am an experienced and expert corporate and leisure travel adviser with 35 years’ experience in the travel and related industries, with wide ranging interests and a taste for adventure. 


Growing up in rural north Essex in the 1960s and 70s, the idea that a boy with a passion for geography might one day visit the exotic places he saw in books and on TV was unthinkable.  My wanderlust took me as far from home as possible (West Wales) to university.  My degree course took me on my first overseas trips to Brittany and Austria.  Booking myself on a tour to Albania (then closed and still Stalinist) began my fascination with travel to the more obscure and challenging areas of the world.  

Since moving to London in 1984 to start my working life in travel, my career path has taken in just about every sector of this vibrant and exciting industry.  From the finance department of hotels to corporate travel, budget student travel, to finally in recent years establishing and leading a VIP corporate and leisure team with a portfolio of clients including some of the highest-profile captains of industry, numerous high net worth individuals, and private family offices. COVID disruption has been the catalyst to start my own travel business using the knowledge and experience I have accrued over 35 years, but with the added freedom to work in a way that best suits the needs of my clients.  This plays to my strengths of flexibility and commitment to finding the most innovative and imaginative solution to my clients’ complex and often time-constrained travel needs. 

I have been fortunate enough to travel to over 80 countries across 6 continents.  I have watched whales in Patagonia and clambered over temples in Cambodia and Myanmar, climbed active volcanoes in Nicaragua and enjoyed Wagner from a box at the Vienna State Opera.  I have watched ice hockey in Nashville Tennessee, cycled on Easter Island, and have trekked in search of rare lemurs in Madagascar.  Art, nature, and music are my personal passions and I love to share my enthusiasm and knowledge of these in arranging exciting and innovative travel experiences for my clients.   

I believe that nothing equips me better to serve my clients than to have “been there and done that” myself.  My experience, commitment to quality, and attention to details is the hallmark of my business. 

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