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Debby Carstensen

Boca Raton, Florida Travel Agent

Protravel Branch Manager

We at the Boca Raton branch recognize that every trip is special and unique and are experts at planning exceptional voyages of discovery that engage, educate, entertain and enrich as well as relaxing getaways that allow you to unwind or reconnect with friends and family. At the same time, our corporate specialists take care of every detail of your business trips and anticipate and deal with potential weather-related delays and other issues to ensure that your trips are as comfortable and seamless as possible so can focus on your work.

I am lucky to have some of the best agents in the industry and love being able to support them. The industry is constantly changing, and I make it my business to stay on top of everything you need to know, from changing regulations and visa requirements, not to mention all the destination knowledge.

My goal is to make our travel agents’ jobs easier in every way that I can. I help our agents take advantage of all that Protravel provides and work to facilitate the business aspects of being a travel agent, from planning complex routings to handling back-office tasks efficiently. I also act as a mentor to both new agents and those who want to grow their business.

As a travel agent, I vicariously savored every trip I planned, and now I take pleasure in the travels planned and enjoyed by our travel professionals. As a manager, I view myself as a kind of air traffic controller, keeping track of everyone’s travels, skills, and specialties and referring consultants to each other when they have a skill or destination knowledge to share.

Our veteran agents are familiar with a wide array of destinations; our younger agents often have traveled in a different way and provide insights into experiences that are important to the new generations of travelers. This sharing of insights can be especially important when planning vacations for multi-generation groups.

The beauty is that our agents and their clients benefit from all of our collective knowledge.

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