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Sanda Stevovic

La Jolla, California Travel Agent

Luxury Travel Advisor

Would you like a complete package booked? From the moment you step out of your home until you step back in? I can do that for you. Travel anywhere in the world with a peace of mind; plus receive bonus amenities and a superb service. That's me

I've been in the travel industry all my life. More specifically, both of my parents retired from it. My own journey in the industry started in 1989. Various airlines in Europe, then Rail Europe in Chicago, then a travel agency in San Diego. Once you get "bitten" with our industry's bug, it's very difficult to want to do anything else. We have an opportunity to learn so much on daily basis. I love that and this is why working with a travel advisor is so important. Access to various tools and our expertise, in my opinion, is invaluable to our clients. My clientele is mostly leisure and I enjoy tailoring trips to clients' needs. Everyone's expectations and needs are different, therefore I like to approach each trip differently. Listening is the most important part of the trip preparation and I do that well. Whether it's a cruise in the Mediterranean / Caribbean or a custom trip to Japan, visiting the Benesse house museum; Staying in an over water bungalow in Bora Bora, or at The Retreat in Icealand in the Blue lagoon, call me, I can make your dream vacation come true. 

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