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Rachael O’Brien

Miami, Florida Travel Agent

Luxury Leisure & Family Adventure Advisor

My love for travel and adventure began early. I've been fortunate enough to live in Europe, Australia, and the Caribbean. This immersive experience in other countries and cultures opened up my eyes to the emotional and physical benefits of wandering the world. Stepping out of one's comfort zone is where the growth and transformation happens.

I believe it is important to work with a travel advisor so your personal expectations and experiences are tailor-made for you. I listen to my guests' needs and curate those desires into a much-deserved dream vacation with unparalleled service and luxury. I am dedicated to making your ideal vacation smooth and seamless.

I do this with a heart for destinations and eye for detail, catering every itinerary to my guests' needs and palate.

My Experience & Mission

I am so grateful to be a world traveler and dream designer, advising peak experiences and making lifelong memories for all my guests. I have journeyed to six of our wonderful world’s seven continents spreading my arms and mind around the globe and now I am passionate about helping my guests do the same.

I believe travel and adventure are the best teachers we have. And when families enjoy new experiences together, they are bonded in a new way.

My mission with my young children is to make them culturally curious and globally aware and assisting other families to do the same. Travel makes this happen.

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