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Dylan Clements

London, UK Travel Agent

Travel planner who can UPGRADE your travel

I have had a keen interest in geography for as long as I can remember, and finally turned that passion into a career in 2006 when I became a full-travel planner.

Since then I have worked my way up in the industry, organising travel arrangements to all corners of the globe for a variety of individuals with varying interests.

Many years have been spent building relationships with hotel management to ensure my clients get the best service possible and all their needs are met – this could include complimentary upgrades, special requests, well-appointed rooms, and so on.

I try to do as many hotel and resort inspections as possible as this gives me the knowledge to better inform my valued clients

.My client base is varied from household names to just everyday folk who want to use my service in order to make their travel experience memorable.

No booking is too big or too small. What my clients love is my can-do attitude, always accessible through different mediums such as Whatsapp and my high upgrade success rate with their bookings.

I do not charge fees for booking hotels.

Always going above and beyond for my clients

Tulum Beach
Tulum Beach

''Dylan sorts out all my travel reservations, and I have recommended him to my friends. He is available 24/7 and will fight to get low prices matched and benefits applied. Whether it’s waking up at 3am his time to ensure a pickup went as planned, hounding a hotel to match an internet rate AND apply status benefits AND Virtuoso benefits or meeting up for cocktails, he’s your man.''

''I have had a large number of experiences of booking travel through this company. Dylan has always been amazing and follows through with every little detail. It is so cool to go on holiday and know that there is someone there just a phone call away if any help is required straight away. Would highly recommend this company as the service is exceptional.''

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