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Kiron Dhaliwal

San Francisco, California Travel Agent

Luxury Wellness Advisor

I've always had a wanderlust for exploring different cultures and destinations. My technical background and marketing positions, with high tech companies in Silicon Valley, allowed me to spread my wings and fuel my passion for travel. I ultimately succumbed to the strong pull of faraway lands and started Concierge Vacations Inc. My interest in Wellness was piqued as I got older and more focused on mindfulness, fitness, healthy eating and spirituality. Wellness travel doesn't have to mean just yoga and meditation. It involves being active, eating well, and nurturing your mind, body and soul. It can also address specific issues such as weight loss, stress management or ailments which need medically supervised programs. As a certified well-being travel specialist, I enjoy exploring wellness destinations, cruises, and resorts worldwide and keeping updated with the latest wellness trends. I especially love exploring the healing properties of water as I'm drawn to islands and tropical destinations. I also have a fascination with Southeast Asia and India, not only because it is where I was born and spent my early childhood years, but also because it's where the wellness, yoga, and spirituality movement began. I've since gone back and experienced the country both as a local and as a tourist and I've found that the diversity and hospitality of my homeland is unparalleled. Regardless of where in the world your travels may take you, I'm happy to create a customized itinerary so you can focus on enjoying the journey. I love melding culturally immersed VIP experiences with luxury accommodations so you get a feel for all the facets of a country and culture. I'm a certified Virtuoso Wanderlist Travel Portfolio advisor, one of a select group representing less than 1% of all Virtuoso advisors. I couple the technology platform of Wanderlist with my knowledge and consulting expertise to allow clients to take their bucket lists from just being a pipe dream to an actionable plan. Wanderlist is a fun and innovative platform which allows clients to "play" with their wanderlust and select destinations and experiences which really appeal to them as well as their travel companions. I can then turn the data into great insight about not only the traveler but what they have in common with their travel companions, allowing me to create a trip that appeals to everyone in the group!

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