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Joshua Rome

New York, New York Travel Agent

Leisure and Entertainment Advisor

I have spent over a decade helping to build businesses in the technology and biotech industries before transitioning to travel. With the sale of my former, family-owned pharmaceutical company, I saw a unique opportunity to align my career aspirations with my personal passions.

I developed a passion for travel at a young age. After a multigenerational trip to the Amazon Rainforest when I was ten years old, I found deep satisfaction and wonder through the interaction with other cultures and foreign experiences. Travel has since been a huge component of my personal journey, guiding me to a college semester circumnavigating the globe on Semester at Sea and ultimately visiting over 50 countries through both leisure and work travel.

As a traveler who typically enjoyed the process of planning my own itinerary, it wasn’t until I became a client of another Protravel Advisor, Josh Alexander, did I learn the value and benefit of working with an advisor. I feel there is still a misunderstanding, particularly amongst younger generations, as to the role, responsibilities, and value that an advisor can bring to any trip.

One of my goals in joining this industry has been to change this misconception. I recognize the intricacies and nuances associated with crafting luxury travel itineraries. Approaching each client with empathy, I aim to understand your feelings, perspectives and desires. With this information, combined with my knowledge and experience, I am able to effectively guide my clients towards a trip that exceeds their expectations.

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