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Saraya Motley

San Francisco, California Travel Agent

Luxury Travel Agent

In 2012 I planned a vacation for my family that changed my life and my relationship with my husband and children. Like many people, I was caught in my career and found my standard answers to my children's requests for my attention were "Not right now, mommy is on the phone" and "In a minute" (which always seemed to extend to hours), only to come find them sleeping or onto something else when I was ready. The guilt was intense but I could not seem to get off the treadmill.  

All that changed in 2012 when I committed to unplug for an entire month and reset my priorities. I engaged the services of a luxury travel agent who planned the most fabulous trip to Italy. Having been raised in Rome for the first 12 years of my life and having returned there to live for a year in my 20's, I was not looking for your typical touristy itinerary. I wanted to Indulge in the warm welcome of the Italian people and the authentic culture, food, wine and the local places off the beaten track while learning about the ancient history & culture of this beautiful country.  

It was on this trip that I had one of my best Mommy moments. While watching the most beautiful sunset from our beach cabana in Forte Dei Marmi, my then 8-year-old leaned over to me and said "Mommy, this is so amazing" I replied, "I know baby it is". He followed with "No Mommy, I mean this is SO AMAZING and I know practically no one else will ever experience this in their lifetime" I began to tear up. He was right and from that day forward I committed to annual trips like this, so every year since then we have taken the time out of our busy lives to unplug, reconnect with loved ones in a meaningful way while creating life long memories and experiences like no other. 

We have been back to Italy every year, and have also traveled to the Caribbean, Mexico, Costa Rica, Barcelona, Majorca, Paris. It has brought me great joy to watch my children develop a passion for travel, something my parents did for me through our extensive travel and by giving us the privilege of living abroad in Rome, Italy, and Geneva, Switzerland, which afforded us the opportunity venture though out most of Europe

For the past 20 years, I have had a successful Real Estate business and 90% of my business has been repeat business and referral from past clients. I maintain strong relationships and provide ongoing value long after the sale. My clients feel special because I know how to honor and appreciate them. They feel taken care of because I know how to represent their best interests and negotiate for them. 

So, why have I decided to enter the travel industry? Well, I would like to help others take the time out of our busy lives to unplug, reconnect with themselves and their loved ones in a meaningful way while creating life long memories and experiences like no other. 

If you are interested in designing an unforgettable travel experience, please let me know about your travel style and interests in depth so I can understand more about you and the vision of your next beautiful trip to a destination of your choice. I assure you that as we work together, the final itinerary product will be the trip of your dreams!   

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