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Juliana Riehman

San Francisco, California Travel Agent

Luxury Travel Agent

To My Favorite Client, 

We are so much alike! We have traveled a lot and continue to seek more in life to enrich ourselves and others along our journeys. While we come from affluence, we value the efforts to get there. We are respectful and value our time. We know what we like, and are open to new ideas, too. 

We want to enrich ourselves immersing into a new cultural or spiritual experience, yet knowing at times we’ll need to chill out with the ease of a beautiful cruise. We love great hotels and know they can set the tone of our trip each morning and retiring for the night. 

We are most interested in international destinations, anywhere from UNESCO treasures to the best-hidden beaches. We are always mindful of the people, animals, flora, and fauna everywhere we go. We are game for study in cultures, safaris, artistic endeavors, and spiritual awakening. A memorable photograph for the sake of beauty and the artistic endeavor piques our values more than numerous posts to social media. We want to live it and feel it at the moment. These moments within a trip are what we treasure in our hearts and minds, and these memories are why we continue to travel. 

Do stay in touch, and share your moments with me! I am always excited to grow with you in discovering destinations together. 

My areas of expertise are: Europe, Caribbean, South Pacific, South America, Southeast Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Iceland and Africa. I do unique multi-destinations, unusual off the beaten track experiences even if it is a favorite travel spot. Simpler and easier trips are great to rejuvenate and relax, such as a wonderful cruise – any group invited! I do small groups, such as family reunions, cultural learning, culinary and wine, artistic classes, seeking your spirituality in whatever form that takes. There is nothing like watching our great African species roam our planet with freedom. I love honeymooners, cruising, divers and snorkelers, even easy ski trips. Relax in your private villa or within an all-inclusive resort. Rejuvenate your body and soul at a spiritual retreat or at lovely resort spa. 

I am open-minded, aware and respectful. I rely on my astute intuition and consciousness to read between the lines in designing the best fit for you and your journey. I am young at heart and perhaps old in soul. I am seeking joy and peace and want to share this quest with others. Please trust my expertise.

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