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Ami Klykken

Ada, Michigan Travel Agent

Your Trip, Your Way, Expertly Arranged

It has been said that travel is the only thing you can buy that makes you richer, and I believe that wholeheartedly. In my own travels, I have explored the globe, traveling to more than 100 top destinations in 20 countries, always returning to view my beautiful northern Michigan home with a new perspective. I have experienced bold cultures, indulged in delectable cuisine, and most importantly, created invaluable shared memories with my family.

I began my career in travel by majoring in hospitality in college, then working as a travel agent and later as the owner of my own agency. I also worked in the hotel industry for 11 years, including eight as director of special events and operations at Marriott International. However, I missed the travel side of the business and happily, have returned to being a travel agent.

Many people think that arranging a trip is as easy as going online and booking flights and hotels. However, a travel agent does much more than that. First, online photos can be misleading. A photo showing a couple alone on a beach may not reveal the 40 people just off the edge of the frame. Second, I can usually find better deals and prices than show up on the internet. Plus, a trip is about more than flights and hotels.

With support from Protravel International, the largest and most respected leisure travel agency in the business, I can offer you elite access to extraordinary journeys around the world, unbeatable airline deals, exclusive amenities, and specially negotiated rates and added value amenities from thousands of hotels. You can expect premium 24/7 personalized service from me, and I will advise you on ways to save. I also will tell you where it is important not to cut corners because a cheap vacation is an expensive mistake.

I can show you how you stick to a travel budget and not skimp on what is most important to you. For example, the Hotel London Kensington, managed by Melia has small rooms, and, as I recall, awful hair dryers, but if those things do not matter to you, you can stay in a great centrally located neighborhood, with grand hotels that are seven times more expensive, at a fraction of the cost.

While many of my clients are well-heeled and well-traveled, I also enjoy working with people on a budget, including those who may be going abroad for the first time and do not know what it will feel like in a foreign country: how to handle money, language, different customs.  

One of my most satisfying trips was for a woman who wanted to take her 15-year granddaughter to Orlando but was nervous about traveling. I convinced her to go to Universal Studios; it is more compact and manageable than Walt Disney World, and her granddaughter, a Harry Potter fan, was thrilled. They stayed at the Loews Royal Pacific Resort. It has an exotic, Hawaiian feel and water taxis to Universal Studios and City Walk, so it was relaxing to get around and they had a great time. 

I often help my clients plan surprise trips for a spouse or significant other. Recently, I planned a fun birthday surprise for my fiancé. He is a Steely Dan fan, and I learned they were appearing in London. Seven is his lucky number so I booked center stage, row 7, concert tickets, flights with row 7 seat assignments, and dinner reservations at a restaurant called “7”.  

I love delighting people. In fact, that is my favorite part of being a travel agent. If you are looking for a travel agent who will take the time to really understand your needs and preferences and guide you to great experiences, I would love to work with you.

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