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Connie Majors

New York, New York Travel Agent

Luxury Leisure and Corporate Travel Agent

A lot of people sit up straighter when I tell them who my clients are. That gives me leverage that benefits all my luxury clients. I never book a client into a hotel without personally requesting that they be treated as VIPs. And if you’re looking for the ultimate in VIP treatment, I can arrange the same kind of meet and greet airport services, private transfers, and other services that diplomats and the titans of industry enjoy. 

I usually suggest four- and five-star hotels such as Four Seasons, high-end Hyatt and Marriott hotels and boutique properties, where I can access VIP services for you. At most of these, Protravel provides advantageous rates that include special amenities. And while you may receive a space-available upgrade, they are not guaranteed, so I always suggest booking at least the level of room or suite that would be acceptable to you.  

I also understand what a luxury business traveler needs. I’ve handled companies large and small, and know how to support road warriors and make sure they get where they are going as efficiently and comfortably as possible. If you’re my client, you won’t have to tell me more than once that you prefer an aisle or window seat or require a special meal on your flights. You’ll provide your airline and hotel loyalty club numbers once, and I’ll always have them entered. And I’ll make sure you have the best travel experience possible while remaining compliant with policy.  

Most importantly, I’ll have your back, whether it is rebooking your flight due to unexpected changes or letting your hotel know that you are a VIP and require special attention. You won’t find yourself waiting on line at the airport to rebook your flight because when I plan your trip, I am watching proactively to make sure everything is proceeding to plan.  

In many ways, I view myself as an extension of your company. For example, an executive’s PA wanted me to book a $100 room at a hotel in New York. I knew that her boss would have been unhappy to have his client staying in that room because it would reflect badly on him. Instead, I found one of Protravel’s special rates for $259 along with a complimentary upgrade, knowing that was a much better reflection of the company’s values.  

When planning family vacations, I get to know every traveler and what kinds of activities they enjoy so I can fulfill their dreams for the destination. For example, one client took his two daughters to Japan, and they wanted to go to a special nail shop and watch sumo wrestlers train as well as some other extraordinary experiences I suggested. Through my trusted contacts, I was able to provide a thrilling and memorable exploration of Japan’s present and past. 

Thanks to my years in the industry, I know which vendors to use to create the trip of your dreams. No blurb defines what I do. I don’t just specialize in luxury; I learn to anticipate your needs and wishes and orchestrate every detail and follow through every step of your journey to make those dreams a reality. It’s all in a day’s work for me. 

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