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Vanessa Sawtell-Jones

Encino, California Travel Agent

Why You Shouldn't Book Your Own Travel

My father started Travelocity and Kayak*. He basically invented online travel booking. If you are just going home for the weekend to see grandma, by all means, do that yourself. But if you are looking for an authentic experience, to be connected with our best partners on the ground all over the world and get the best VIP amenities, you need an experienced, well-connected human travel agent.

For my affluent millennial clients and peers—who are the first generation of online bookers—I am looking to change the definition of what a travel agent is. This is not a hobby. We are career professionals who can offer unique experiences, insider exclusive perks and peace of mind. 

Booking my younger clients is a more collaborative experience, since they have often done a lot of online research and have some idea of what they want (or what they think they want.) Once they book with me, they become my best advocates and refer their friends. They love to say “you have to use MY agent.” Once I explain what I can offer them, that really ends the discussion of online booking and Airbnb.

*Read more about Vanessa's background here: https://www.travelweekly.com/Arnie-Weissmann/Terry-Jones-prodigal-daughter

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