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Vanessa Sawtell-Jones

Encino, California Travel Agent

Memorable Adventure Travel

“Adventure travel” depends on client. To some is setting foot on a cruise ship, while to others it is heli-skiiing in Northern Iceland. For me, it is the most exciting segment of travel, where me and our suppliers can truly shine. I can arrange the most unbelievable experiences; the craziest things my clients didn’t even know were possible.

Among my favorite luxury brands are Relais & Chateau, Belmond and Aman.


  • I had an older client who collected the personal journals of adventurers from the Golden Age of Exploration. He wanted to go to Greenland and retrace their steps. Arranging this was a huge challenge for me and my suppliers, but so much fun to plan.
  • New Zealand: a helicopter ride over the remarkable mountains to Milford Sound, with a stop at the glacier. I arranged this for my husband and myself and another couple. New Zealand is my favorite destination in the world, and will far exceed your expectations
  • Shark-diving experiences in cages off Cape Town has become quite popular
  • The Belmond Explorer train in Peru is so high-end and beautiful. You get to Puno at 3am to watch the sunrise over Lake Titicaca. Absolutely magical.

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