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Vanessa Sawtell-Jones

Encino, California Travel Agent

For The Love of Africa

I went to Botswana as a sophomore (college). This trip sparked my whole interest in travel. It made me want to send people there to have the same life-changing experience I did. I studied wildlife conservation, work closely with TransAfrica, a research, education, and advocacy center dedicated to global justice for the African World. I love sending my friends and clients to Africa.

On memorable trip I booked was a multi-generational trip to Royal Malawane, one of my favorite luxury safari lodges in South Africa’s Greater Kruger National Park. I worked with the patriarch of a wonderful family to organize a secret wedding vow renewal for his wife of 50 years. 11 members of their family participated. It was super-sneaky. The lodge went out of their way to help us make it memorable, including an amazing ceremony under a tree and a performance by a South African children’s chorus. 

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