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Vanessa Sawtell-Jones

Encino, California Travel Agent

Luxury Leisure Travel Agent

A founder of Millennials in Travel and the 2017 SoCal ASTA Millennial Travel Advisor of the Year, my special focus is luxury travel for millennials like myself who have been in the workforce for 5 or 10 years, have some money and are planning travel to mark the milestones of their lives: honeymoons, babymoons and first family trips. I joined Protravel for their high-visibility and stellar reputation in the luxury travel market. Contact me to make even your wildest travel dreams a reality.

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Travel Specialties

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For The Love of Africa

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Memorable Adventure Travel

“Adventure travel” depends on client. To some is setting foot on a cruise ship, while to others it is heli-skiiing in Northern Iceland. For me, it is the most exciting segment of travel, where me and our suppliers can truly shine. ... Read more from my Memorable Adventure Travel bio.