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Hailie Costner

Scottsdale, Arizona Travel Agent

Luxury Travel Agent & Cruise Specialist

I have escorted more than 1,000 excursions in over 100 countries and touched every continent. Plus, I have a deep understanding of the ins and outs of hotels, luxury cruises, casinos and concierge service and I am passionate about leveraging my connections and back-of-the-house experience to provide my clients with a carefree vacation that fulfills their dreams.

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Travel Specialties

Ocean Cruising Expert

It was cruising that made me fall in love with this industry, and it is still my favorite way to see the world. Luxury cruising is the most comfortable way to explore out of the way places that could otherwise be ... Read more from my Ocean Cruising Expert bio.

Family Cruising

If you "think cruising with kids is a nightmare", then you have not been on the right ships or used the right travel agent. There is no better family bonding experience than taking a cruise together. And just because you’re traveling ... Read more from my Family Cruising bio.

Concierge Travel Specialist

For me, being a travel agent is all about personal service: the concierge-level service I provide and the supreme level of service I demand from my suppliers. For more than 25 years, I’ve worked at five diamond resorts, a six-star cruise ... Read more from my Concierge Travel Specialist bio.

Travel Experiences

Vikings, Outdoor Activities and Thermal Baths

Baltic cruising is ideal for families and ours shared some of our most memorable in that region. My kids especially loved the active shore excursions in Sweden and Norway and learning the real history of the Vikings. Plus in several places, we were able to kayak, cycle, hike and even take ...Read more from my Vikings, Outdoor Activities and Thermal Baths story.