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Katy Bendel

La Jolla, California Travel Agent

Luxury Wine & Food Specialist

From a very young age I had a fascination and affinity to experience different cultures. After grad school, I entered the fast-paced high-tech world as an engineer in Computer Information Systems. After 10 years, the desire for travel continued to grow so I made the move to Technical Marketing to combine my passion for data technology and travel. The next 9 years I traveled on business and pleasure throughout China, Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia, with occasional meetings and trips to Latin America, Australia, Europe, and the United States.

After a personal trip to Central Europe, the time spent in beautiful Slovenia, Hungary and Croatia had a significant impact on me. In 2009, I quit my corporate position and started importing premium wines from these amazing regions. I attended wine school at the Culinary Institute of America in Napa, studied with a Master of Wine and built the business from the ground up. It wasn’t long until my wine customers wanted to visit the wineries in these amazing countries and experience their culture, which led me to my new career as a Wine and Food Specialist Travel Advisor with Protravel International, the most internationally-renowned travel agency in the country.

I love creating amazing adventures for my clients, many who tell me upon returning theirs was a trip of a life time. I’d love to hear what trip you’d like to experience, and help your vision come true.

My attention to detail, professional resources, travel experience and personal service will help you have an amazing adventure. I would love to hear from you.

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