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Jodi Cody

Scottsdale, Arizona Travel Agent

Face-to-Face Personal Service

There are fewer and fewer travel agencies where you can peruse brochures, discuss all the possibilities and plan your trip face-to-face with your personal travel agent. That is what we offer at our branch offices in Scottsdale, Arizona and in Austin, Texas. And whether you are considering a Caribbean cruise or an adventurous African safari, you can drop in and pick up a brochure.

Travel agents at both of our branches also benefit from ongoing education and training, both from Protravel headquarters and from supplier visits. We also share a tremendous amount of information among ourselves. If your travel agent has not been to a particular destination recently, probably their co-workers have.

Plus, when you book with a Protravel International travel agent, you are booking with one of the premier luxury travel agencies in the country. That means you will benefit from Protravel’s close relationships with hotels, resorts, and other travel providers and its network of trusted suppliers around the world.

This allows us to provide you with seamless travel and insider experiences other agencies cannot provide. In addition, as a Virtuoso agency, we provide our clients with amazing value-added amenities such as dining and spa credits, early check-ins, shipboard credits and space-available room upgrades at no added cost.

For business travelers, we offer the latest in travel management and provide customized programs that let you set the parameters. We also can provide negotiated rates with airlines and rental car companies, and our personal service, backed by the latest customer support technology, means that if your flight is delayed by weather, your travel agent will be looking into alternatives and proactively contacting you so that you do not have to wait in line at the airport, only to find the best flights are already full.

As one of the largest travel agencies in the country, Protravel has a lot of clout with airlines, hotels and other suppliers. When you book a hotel on your own, you are just one of many guests. When a Protravel agent books your hotel, you are the client of one of the largest and most powerful travel agencies in the U.S. That means that if something goes wrong, or if we want to ensure you get VIP treatment, we have a lot of clout and support that an individual traveler does not.

But the reason most of our clients keep coming back is the expert, personal service that our travel agents provide, making sure that your trip is filled with special experiences tailored to your preferences and that you are treated like the VIP you are.

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