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Jodi Cody

Scottsdale, Arizona Travel Agent

A Positive Place to Work

I manage two branch offices. The Scottsdale Protravel International office has been open for some time, and we are a very inviting and fun place to work. We are located in a high-end retail shopping center in North Scottsdale near a Starbucks, so we get a lot of great foot travel. We have 30-plus travel agents and at any time, there may be 14 or 15 in the office. Suppliers often remark on the positive atmosphere and cooperative spirit of our office.

I was brought in as manager in early 2018 and am a very hands-on, supportive manager. My work as a team leader and trainer at American Express has given me a lot of practice in training people to effectively use the GDS and other systems and coaching people to build their business.

Now at Protravel, I am lucky to have a great group. I try to foster our team spirit with fun activities. We often have pot lucks and enjoy going to supplier events together. We also work together to create consumer-facing events, and these have been great for us all. Plus because so many of us choose to come into the office instead of working from home, we feel a bit like a big family.

The Austin Protravel International office opened in January 2019, so we are relatively new. Our location is in an upscale neighborhood in North Austin in a corporate office complex. We currently have 11 travel advisors; about half come into the office regularly, and we hope to increase that.

We have a full-time person whose job includes marketing our services to people in our office complex, and we have been seeing more and more come into our office to book their vacations and business travel.

Travel agents at both branches benefit from our new digital marketing program that allows agents to send e-newsletters twice a month to their client list. This has proven very successful in keeping our agents in front of mind and has resulted in significant bookings that otherwise would not have happened. In addition, I work at both locations, organizing training in destinations, suppliers and systems and providing hands-on guidance in everything from networking and marketing to problem-solving.

We are actively recruiting both experienced agents and novices, especially in Austin. There is a lot to learn to become a travel agent, so for those who are new to the industry, we are looking for people who have traveled and are familiar with a number of destinations. If you are interested, please give me a call.

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