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Louise Wasserman

Encino, California Travel Agent

Luxury Leisure Travel Agent

No two people are the same, nor are our travel needs, interests, and budgets. That is why I do not arrange “cookie cutter” trips. My years of experience, Rolodex of trusted contacts, and the clout that comes with being a Protravel agent equip me to tailor a trip to your preferences while providing the best value. In fact, delighting my clients with “perfect-fit” experiences is what I most enjoy about being a travel agent.

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Travel Specialties

Family Vacations

Family vacations are a wonderful opportunity for bonding, but it is important to plan them with everyone’s interests in mind. I like to find activities that will not bore the adults and will also engage the youngest children in the group. ... Read more from my Family Vacations bio.

Luxury River and Ocean Cruises

The advantage of packing just once and seeing many places in a single trip is just the start of why luxury cruising is so wonderful. You get a level of personalized service that is impossible in a hotel. For example, a ... Read more from my Luxury River and Ocean Cruises bio.

Luxury Travel Agent

I have traveled to most major destinations around the world and explored every continent and I love them all, each in its own special way. My interests are eclectic and I always keep my eyes open for unusual and special experiences. ... Read more from my Luxury Travel Agent bio.

Travel Experiences

The Magic and Mystery of India

India is magical, mystical and intensely spiritual. I am fascinated by the diversity of religions and cultures, drawn to the colorful attire and décor, and enchanted by the warmth and caring of the people I have met there.

From my very first day in India, I was in awe. My husband and ...Read more from my The Magic and Mystery of India story.