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Katharine Christmas

Chicago, Illinois Travel Agent

Luxury Travel Agent

The goals of each traveler and the purpose of each vacation is unique. My job isn’t to direct you down a pre-determined path, but instead to help you identify and achieve your own goals for your own journey. 

While I enjoy planning travel all over the world, my specialty areas are Asia and Australia/New Zealand. I’m thrilled to be working on trips to the 2020 Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo, a true once-in-a-lifetime event. I'm also loving the increased interest in Singapore. I can get you into the VIP box at Singapore's 2019 Formula One race or, if you're a book lover, help you experience a bit of the Crazy Rich Asians lifestyle.

I am uniquely knowledgeable about Asia and the "lands down under" because I spent a decade of my adult life living in that part of the world. Japan and Singapore in particular are like second homes to me, but I’ve planned and taken trips all over the region. If you like, I can help you not only see the most famous sites, but also discover the hidden local favorites that tourists often miss. 

Regardless of location, I particularly enjoy planning multi-generational travel, whether within the U.S. or to exotic locations. It is a perfect fit with my own life stage and travel history. I’ve taken my own kids - now teenagers - around the world since they were babies. I've also traveled extensively with my parents and extended family. I am sensitive to the challenges, but think the rewards are well worth it.

Contact me about your travel needs and I promise you will be pleased with the result. 

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