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Ansley Bentley

Miami, Florida Travel Agent

My Life in Travel

I started in the travel industry in 2008 and immediately developed a deep love for this business. I grew up in Atlanta and graduated from The University of Georgia. I live in Atlanta now with my husband and three children. Growing up, my family took many adventurous trips, including a cross-country expedition in an RV.

I love all kinds of travel, and can arrange your family vacation, honeymoons, private air travel, luxury villas, and adventures across the globe, I also handle corporate executive level travel.

I have a special passion for African travel.

When I came back to luxury travel after having children, I chose Protravel International because we are recognized as the country's leading travel agency, with a long and solid history and access to the best rates, exclusive VIP amenities and experiences and airline relationships that benefit my clients. Nobody beats Protravel in the luxury travel market.

As a Protravel advisor, I can fulfill all your vacation needs and buffer you from the problems that plague those who book online. I offer professional personalized expertise, saving you time and frustration as I do all the research and provide you options that best fit your values and desires.

"Luxury" means different things to different people. For some, it is an over-water bungalow in the Maldives; for others it is unique access to hiking Mount Kilimanjaro. Whether you are traveling to create family memories, to celebrate a marriage, to heal, to eat & drink, or to experience a new culture, I can arrange a the perfect itinerary for you.

I am grateful to my long-time loyal clientele and welcome new clients and referrals.

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