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Donna Carlson

Fairfield, New Jersey Travel Agent

Luxury Leisure Travel Agent

Every client and every trip is my priority. I contact every hotel that I send my clients to and let them know that my client is a VIP and needs special treatment. It makes a difference. And I do the same with every supplier, establishing relationships over years. The nicer I am, the better my clients’ experience. Sometimes people ask about my specialty. That’s the wrong question. I want to know your picture of the perfect vacation. I’m a dream maker. If you can dream it, I can get it for you.

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Travel Specialties

Personalized Europe

I have traveled extensively in Europe and love the variety of experiences you can find there. On top of all the history and art and different cuisines, there is the beauty of the landscapes and the architecture. And the cultures are ... Read more from my Personalized Europe bio.

Luxury Leisure Travel Agent

In 1970, I opened my 4th grade geography book and thought "I want to go EVERYWHERE!” For me, the world had been small, and suddenly, when I saw these pictures and maps and stories, my world became huge. I wanted to ... Read more from my Luxury Leisure Travel Agent bio.

Travel Experiences

Amazing Kenya

Seeing the annual migration in Kenya was truly one of my most memorable life experiences. We flew into Nairobi and went to the Serengeti and saw more lions than could shake a stick at. The birds were amazing. And there were lines of wildebeests that stretched for miles—as far as you ...Read more from my Amazing Kenya story.