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Pamela Hartman Rosner

Boston, Massachusetts Travel Agent

Luxury Travel Agent

I have been roaming the world as a travel agent for over 30 yrs. My mission is to make your next trip the best trip you have ever taken! As a former resident of Australia, I know the country inside and out and am an elected Premier Aussie Specialist by Tourism Australia and a Kiwi Specialist by the New Zealand Tourist Authority. I am also a certified PADI diver and highly recommends the Great Barrier Reef to everybody, even non-swimmers. Divers will also love going to Kangaroo Island in search of the Leafy Sea Dragons! I spent a year traveling from Indonesia to Singapore, Malaysia, Nepal, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran and Turkey. I spent a semester of college at the University of Salzburg and Europe remains my home away from home. Last year, I hosted 16 people on a safari to Kenya and Tanzania, my 14th time to Africa. This spring I traveled to Sri Lanka and the Maldives making them my 157th and 158th countries. So be it Australia, Africa or Asia, maybe Patagonia or the Atacama Desert, contact me to book your dream trip!

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