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Wellness is not just about walking 10,000 steps a day or being physically fit. There are important spiritual and emotional components that go into feeling your best. I discovered this about 15 years ago when I started practicing yoga. I’d always been active but from my first yoga class, I started to feel its restorative value. The classes made me feel more centered and grounded.

I began to change how I thought about travel. I became a certified wellness travel specialist. The more I learn about new destinations, the more I’m able to incorporate wellness into every type of travel. In every location, I look for wonderful hikes, yoga, activities that take you outside into nature or into a culture. That might mean swimming at the spectacular and varied beaches of Anguilla or Barbados or hiking in the Torres del Paine National Park in Chile

For those who are looking for a true reboot, there are some spectacular destination spas. If you’re focused on healthy living, good diet and fitness, de-stressing and detoxing, Canyon Ranch in Tucson or Lenox could be a great choice. They have great exercise classes and healthy eating is a major part of their program. Europe also has some excellent spas for those looking for a healthy reset.

Miraval, with locations in Tucson and Austin, is a different type of destination spa. It is very much about healing and spirituality and my go-to spot when someone needs to come to terms with something traumatic or set in motion major life changes. I recently sent two female clients there because they were asking to go somewhere to heal after a difficult year and I knew it would be right for them. 

During my visit to Miraval, I did yoga, went to a variety of organized classes, took hikes in the desert, and spent time with a healer. I especially responded to their equine experience where I learned more about myself than the horse. Overall, it was an enriching experience, and one I know my clients would enjoy.

Wellness is my passion, and whether you’re looking for a place to come to heal, reset your habits or simply incorporate wellness and fitness into your travels, I can help find the ideal getaway for you. 

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