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A World of Adventure

Adventure trips can be life-changing. My first trip to Kenya certainly was. It was amazing to see animals in their own habitats. One day, we were sitting in our jeep, quietly watching a group of elephants with their babies grazing on the trees when a group of giraffes came strolling by. Later, we were so close to a pride of lions that we could almost reach out and touch them!

I went to Africa for the animals but I fell in love with the people. Our guides were wonderfully caring and educated. They took us to a Maasai village where the houses were made of cow dung and introduced us to people in a culture that was so different and so proud. It was wonderful to have that entrée into such a very different way of living. 

Adventure means something different for everyone. Are you looking for a cultural adventure in a country like India? Are you looking to experience sports like scuba diving and skiing in different parts of the world? Adventure could also mean adrenalin-pumping activities like sky-diving or bungee jumping.

My first step in planning an adventure trip is to understand what adventure means to you and which destinations are on your wish list. For animal lovers, adventure could mean anything from going on safari in Africa to hiking through the rainforests of Costa Rica to bird-watching in the Caribbean.

Deciding on a destination is just the first step. Each destination offers diverse experiences and ways to explore. On an African safari, would you prefer to see the animals from an open jeep or to go hiking through the jungle with a guide? In New Zealand, do you want to take challenging hikes up steep mountains to enjoy sweeping panoramas, or does it sound like more fun to fly up in a helicopter?  Fitness levels come into play. High altitude mountain hiking or biking should only be done by the very fit. Bungee jumping and zip-lining can be experienced by almost anyone who has the desire and guts.

To me, adventure means doing something extraordinary and having experiences that open one’s eyes to new worlds. One of the most rewarding parts of my job is having my clients return and tell me that their trip has given them a new perspective on life! 

Are you ready for an adventure? I’d love to be your travel agent!

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