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Joyce Striar

Harrison, New York Travel Agent

My Experience & Background

I think I was destined to be a travel agent. I always loved travel but didn’t think of it as a profession until a friend introduced me to her boss at a travel agency. I was offered a job on the spot, and by my third week, I’d arranged a cruise vacation from London to Russia for a three-generation family group. They all loved it, and I realized this was something I could do well. At the same time, I was assigned to corporate travelers and started getting referrals.

Unlike many travel advisors, I love planning both intricate leisure trips and fast-paced corporate travel. I handle everything from international business travel to destination weddings, adventure travel and relaxing getaways with the same attention to detail. My goal is to create the best experiences for each client, based on their individual needs and desires. 

As my client, you’ll always travel as a VIP. At hotels, you will be welcomed and given VIP amenities such as complimentary room upgrades, breakfasts, and late check-out or early check-in (depending on your flights). I also can often get upgrades on the airlines if you’re booking front of the plane or full-fare coach seats. 

I am also your advocate from start to finish. My clients know that if they are unhappy with anything along the way, I am here to fix it. Once, a client called to complain that kids were playing in the hallway of their London hotel. I called the manager, who not only spoke to the parents but invited my clients to join him for a glass of champagne. “I didn’t know you could do this,” my clients often say. But for me, it’s easy.  

I’m a kind of a hotel “junkie” and one of my hobbies is hotel shopping. It’s not enough to know that a hotel has a five-star rating. I have to understand your travel style and priorities. Would you prefer a six-star hotel or the best room in a four-star hotel? Do you like the intimacy of a boutique hideaway or the on-site activities of a larger hotel? Do you want a hotel within walking distance of your business meetings or want an indoor pool that is open for after-dinner or early-morning swims? Knowing the universe of hotels and your preferences allows me to make a happy match.

Thanks to my outreach and 30-plus years of experience, I have fabulous connections at hotels and with concierges, local guides, and the best of the best in travel. That allows me to orchestrate activities and experiences to suit your specific interests that you won’t find in guidebooks or on the internet.  My knowledge of extends beyond the typical hotel recommendations to off-the-beaten-path restaurants, local events and specialist guides. Do you have a favorite sport? Is shopping for art your passion? I can help you explore those interests on your trips.  

I'd love to help make your next vacation unique, whether it's a whirlwind, five-stop business trip, an indulgent weekend in New York City or on a Caribbean island, or an exotic, around-the-world journey. 

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